[SOLD] Feeler: Sanyo 3500 Cell 10S6P *756Wh* 21Ah

Would anyone be interested in purchasing my battery?

It is a 10S6P pack made up of Sanyo 3500mAh cells. They are genuine cells purchased from Liiionwholesale.com. The pack was assembled using double layered pure nickel strips (not nickel plated strips) and flat copper braided cables at the end to keep the pack width as thin as possible. Balance leads and the negative cable are run down the channel/center of the pack.

It’s only been fully charged about 5 times. On my furthest trip I was able to get 25 miles on 8" pneumatics at ~35-40psi. My starting voltage was 41.7v and ending voltage was 33.7v. It could be drained further but that is where the ESC cut power. Usually I charge it to 40.8v

The pack will also come with a 60A SuPower BMS and 60A inline fuse. It’s ready to go just, hook up your anti-spark of choice and (V)ESC.

If I were to sell, I’d would be looking for $550 and local pick up in Los Angeles. I can’t ship a battery of this size.


Provide with picture? :slight_smile:

Pic added to original post :slight_smile:

hey guys so i just joined and i was wondering how to create a post?

Did you make that CF deck too? Looks like a cool setup


No, it’s a first gen Evolve carbon deck. Really slim, was hard to tell there was even a battery

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@Eboostin Why do u sell it.in the first place? Is it too heavy?

I think such range is gorgeous…

Not.an usa member so unfortunately wont.be your buyer :slight_smile: but.nice big pack u got there

holy, this is exactly what I was loocking for for a while but sadly am in Europe :frowning: how much range did you get ? ca. 75km ?!

He said 25 mi in initial post, with 8" pneumatics. Does not sound that much for 10S6P, I was also expecting something closer to 50K. But actually if you consider the battery power of 750Wh and take the consumption of a MTB (considered around 20 Wh/Km) you indeed arrive around 40Km.

yep, with longboard you could probably get twice as much range… :smiley: something like 80km / 48miles

Btw, my math would be as this:

Assume 11wh per cell (not fully discharged, not fully charged) x 60 = ‘usable’ 660wh (3.1ah per cell instead of 3.5ah = 88.5% of ‘‘total / max capacity’’ at low discharge rate - 756wh*)

So, 660wh / 20wh/km = about 33km (20.5 mi)

660wh / 10wh/km = 66km (41 mi)

Not too heavy at all!

I really love it to be honest. I was using it on my Evolve Carbon but I am going to go full DIY on a little smaller deck.

I believe this is the biggest Wh battery that I’ve seen on a skateboard aside from some of the large mountain board packs (12S7P).

I was averaging about 3 miles per volt and my cutoff was at 33.7v per the ESC. I started at 41.7v.

I got 25 miles before it shut off completely. If I set my hard cutoff at 30v which is common for 10S packs around here and started at 42v, I would have netted an additional 12 miles, so 37 miles total or 59km. I could have also increased the PSI to 50-60 which is more common. I kind of liked 40 though as it was more comfy with more grip.

In my experience, I have found pneumatics to reduce range by 20-25%. Assuming the best case scenario for pneumatics (80% as efficient), on skate wheels, would put me at about 46 miles of range or 74km so not far off of what @michichopf thought. I have not tried skate wheels on it for max range test.

Even if you shave 10% off the above numbers, 33 miles on pneumatics or 41 miles on skate wheels isn’t too shabby.

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Cool battery but overpriced imo. I made myself a 10S4P Sanyo GA pack for under $200. I am currently making an extra 2S to bring it up to 12S4P! :smiley:

That’s fine.

You’re not taking into account time, spot welder and materials. You’re probably not the intended buyer for this since you can make your own.

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Wow… at what speed were you riding btw?

Your ‘‘statistics’’ tottally throws in garbage what I tried to calculate :smiley:

I assume I was a bit too conservative with available power / energy from batteries and all of that…

Also the figure - ‘‘Pneumatics 20-25% less effiecient than urethane wheels’’ seems interesting.

I should really measure how much psi I’ve got into the wheels… it seems like a hard thing to do with these automatic pumps…

I really assumed that typical is 10wh for longboard and 20wh or so for mountainboard.

Perhaps your evolve is just more efficient in some other way… as I’ve seen 15wh/km from them when not going max speed etc. That would still put 50% increase in energy… not just 25%…

I was going about 16mph on average, hit top speed around 20mph a few times.

I’d be interested to try it at 50psi to see how the range increases.

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Open to reasonable offers!

Okay this post is gone but yay your an LA guy

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