SOLD. - Firefly remote kit for sale

So I ordered the Firefly kit from @SeeTheBridges before watching the build videos. I just watched them all and I know I could do it, but I just don’t have the time to spare for this so hopefully this can go to someone who wanted one but want wasn’t able to get one since all the orders weren’t fulfilled. I have a black and white ‘Storm Trooper’ color scheme for the casing, and paid for the upgrades for the name brand components, and the case for the receiver. I paid like $75, but I’ll let it go for just $50 +shipping. I think that price is more than fair, so I don’t plan on negotiating over a few more dollars. I may consider a trade of equal value though. Anyways, PM me if interested and I’ll send out right away :slight_smile:

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interested, going to DM

Still selling?

Ok I figure it’ll be easier to just post here than message everyone back. Haven’t sold the remote yet, but I have talked to a few are interested. Gotta take some pics of it first though and I’m a bit busy atm, so once I take the pics, if they buy I’ll post here is sold, or I’ll contact the next person who messaged me, in that order :slight_smile: Of, and yes the remote comes with the lipo battery, so it is a complete remote.

In case it wasn’t clear in the original post, this is the kit for the remote, so it hasn’t been assembled yet.




I’m interested if you still have it

Thanks for the interest everyone. It’s sold though so I’ll update the thread.

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