[SOLD] Flipsky FSESC 6.6 with Heat Sink / 10s Smart BMS BLuetooth (EU based - Ship World Wild)

Hello folks, Selling these two items, since I was planning to make an electric scooter but new projects stole my mind :laughing:

  • One single FSESC 6.6 with heat sink and possibility of antispark button. I use two of them with my 12s build and they work really good. Only downside to me the volt meter inside. I usually get 1-1.5V less then the real one on 12s. You do not feel it while riding, I just set my cutout 1V lower and so far so good. For the rest it works well. Here the product page https://flipsky.net/collections/electronic-products/products/flipsky-fsesc-6-6-based-upon-vesc®-6-heat-sink Asking 110Euro + shipping (Not tracked one is like 8 Euro WW) The VESC is new, never touch it actually.

IMG_20190204_233106 IMG_20190204_233053


Of course you can also come and pick it up, I am in Belgium.

Thx, Ciao ciao

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Hi @rey8801 !

I’ll take the BMS, I’m in France and I’m willing to pay the 8 euros to have tracked shipping. I’ll send a PM after lunch for the details. 53 euros with tracking to France, correct ?


Hi! No 8 euro is the not tracked one. I will check how much is it the tracked. Anyhow they use the same service. It’s just that one doesn’t have the tracking number.

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Ah okay, sorry it was indeed written, my bad…

I’ll wait for the final price quoting (including tracked shipping to France) and will confirm you my order after that.

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PM sent :wink:

Pictures added.

Bump. Price dropped. :grin:

Can you lower the price at all? someone is offering one for 95e Shipped from the US.

Well if I have to go that low probably I will keep it in case one of mine breaks. For the moment they go strong. The guys from US don’t have to pay taxes on it. I got it from a GB but still paid more than them. If you order it now from Flipsky is way more that what I am selling it.

Both the goods reserved at the moment.

Sold them. Please @mmaner close it. Many thanks. :grin: