(SOLD) For Sale:255mm x 12mm HTD5 belts (works for TB v4 inward mount) $7 each $35 for the lot free shipping!

Selling 6x 255mm HTD5 12mm belts. I got them but decided to mount outward so I have no need for them.

$7/belt $35 for them all

includes shipping!

@Jinra Ill take one.



I would take the rest by the end of october. Whats the shipping cost to germany(Niedersachsen)?

Looked up some rates, but it’s looking like $60 minimum for shipping. It’s probably better to find a local source!

You are right^^ Thats not cheap. I have a Belt source near my city but the quality is not the best. All 3 Weeks one belt breaks from them.

still got these?

Yep still available.

for some reason I have been eating my belt quicker than usual and have adjusted my tension and wheel and gears so many times… anyways I am going to need to replace my belt more often until I figure it out - so I will buy them

do you still have them?

Sorry all out!