[SOLD] For sale: 2x TB 6374 190kv motors sensored (EU/NL)

Ordered 2 motors to use on the Fatboy drive. But because now it turns out they won’t fit, I don’t need them. Sending them back isn’t cheap… so maybe I can make you happy with them. Condition is unopened in box.

They go together for €180, or €90 for one. I’m located in the Netherlands.

For info, check the product page.


One motor sold.

Hi @Yecrtz Do you still have one TB 6374 190kv motor? How much is the shipping to Estonia?

Yea still have one, unopened.

Without tracking €12,60 With tracking €18,50

Shoot me a PM if you’re interested with your details and I get this thing at your place before you’ve emptied your battery :yum:

Yes. I’m interested. Please PM me your Paypal address.