Sold: For Sale: Bajaboard G4X 900Wh 4WD electric skateboard ~600mi, Extras

Selling to fund DIY builds. ~$4,200 new, 600 miles since July 2017. I’ve done 37mph, 26 miles max distance. New tires. Modified trigger. 4 wheel drive that is faster and more capable than any Boostedboard, evolve electricskateboard, or literally any other commercial mountainboard. It can take ANY hill you can drive a car on.

I got the 4 wheel drive version with the large 900wh battery.

Asking $3k. I don’t want to ship, it’s a 60lbs package. (could be convinced), would be ok with driving to meet up anywhere in SoCal, I’m in San Diego . No international.

Listed on Ebay too. May cancel this posting at anytime.

Don’t care if it doesn’t sell because it’s awesome. :man_shrugging:

See my Instagram @anonable for videos of distance and speed.

Will update with details.

Top Speed 60kph / 37mph

Large Battery Option 900Wh: 34km | 21mi

Hill Climb 45% grade

Max Payload 160kg | 350lbs for general cruising

Motors 4 x 63mm brushless motors, rear wheels

Transmission Belt drive

Brakes Regenerative braking

Recharge Time 3.5hrs (900Wh battery)

Hand Controller Wireless 2.4GHz with encryption

Lights Optional headlight & brake light

Chassis Alloy independent double-wishbone chassis

Shock Absorbers 55mm travel, adjustable pre-load & rebound

Tyre Size 254mm | 10"

Tyre Pressure 35psi

Board Weight Approx 25kg | 55lbimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


but does it have jay Bostons cool logo at start up :thinking::thinking: jk glws😊


If I still lived in San Clemente I’d have had this in a heartbeat. Now in the UK it remains but a cruel joke :frowning:

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What are the arrows pointing too? Is that a defect?

It is. A Seam rattled loose. It’s a 120$ usd part. Bajaboards recommended tapping and adding a few screws with locktite. Has held so far. :man_shrugging: Not a wt bearing part, would just as soon replace if gave way.

^^ ok now I don’t feel so bad :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you posted just after I bought a Bajaboard last Nov. I live here in SD and would like your advice: The bajaboard is not street legal. Have you had any problems with police? Also any suggestions where to ride - including any off road? Thanks! Miguel

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San Diego, I have to try that bajaboard out

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maybe you should start a gofundme and get people to pay for your bajaboard. :rofl::rofl:

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Bro, you goofy af

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bro, you just burn down your room, made a gofundme asking for handouts and now you’re looking at the $4k boards. You’re the goofy one. lol.

I want to try it, I never said buy it

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For the 100th time, I didn’t make the go fund me

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even if you didn’t make the gofundme you posted the link on your thread asking for a handout. You’re funny dude.

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Bro, I know it was stupid of me to do it, was just stressing and had no clue what to do, put this beef in the past

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Bros, just bro ok?

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This board still for sale?

Should’ve created a GoFundMe for you burning your apartment down

**yes I know this is old…

titel says “sold”

@mmaner please