SOLD >> For Sale: Skikes (5x1 pneumatic wheels)

The Skikes are gone, sold them today (04/18/2017). thanks

I have a set of Skikes (5x1 pneumatic wheels) sale. The package comes with 4 wheels pre-milled to fit standard trucks, 60t 9mm aluminum pulleys (already mounted), a set of tires mounted, x4 new tires, x2 new HTD 340-5M-09 belts.

I bought them in December of 2016. I paid $150 for these plus the belts and bearings. I put about 20km on them to test, but never got around to completing my aluminum deck build, so they are just sitting around gathering dust. They are great for an urban carver and will roll over almost anything. I’ll entertain any reasonable offer.

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75 for the lot, plus shipping?

I cant do that. Thanks for the offer though.

100 for the lot and 10 for shipping? If not make a counter offer, I’m very interested