[SOLD] Free Motor! Just pay $12 US shipping

Although this motor looks a little worse for wear, it still works great (not sensored)! It does need to be taken apart and cleaned up. It is still attached to the motor mount that I originally had it on before the motor mount snapped in half. I am not going to take the time to remove it. It ships as is, but if you need a motor for a budget build and are willing to spend some time then this is the motor for you.



Someone just spoke for it. As soon as they pay I will update the title to sold!

And they just paid! SOLD

Holy shit, man, Iā€™m late

would have copped, I should turn on notifications for https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/c/electric-skateboard-parts-market

Yea I had to snag it for a buddy getting into esk8 without loads of money :grin:

I am going to take it apart and rebuild it with him to get him interested; new bearings and lots of cleaning and polishing and it should be a great motor for him to start with!