[Sold] Frog Leg Trucks, Wheels and Motor Mount (Streetcarver Style)

Too many projects going on, had these lined up to throw on a short deck (like 29 Jet Spud) since the wheel base is long with the swing arm. Even has endlinks with balljoints.

Was going to put a vesc in one cavity, remote in the other one.



What’s the axle diameter? 8 or 12 mm?

I believe neither. t think it is 3/8" (9.525mm) but will have to check.

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How sharply can these turn? If they’re 9.5 mm and can take 8" tire hubs I might be interested. Could you please post a close-up picture of how the axle connects to the arm?

Looks like Pantera :metal:



Very sharply. I’ll double check, I have some 8” wheels I can try.

The axle is a bolt, goes through the arm.

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They are 10mm shafts. 63mm of space from where it comes out of the arm to the end of the rod.

Safe for use with 9-12mm belts. 15mm will have slight overhang.

Wheels are about 110mm at the thickest (middle) point