(SOLD) FS: Focbox Unity, Abec 107's

Brand new unity for sale, batch 2 ($350 shipped)

IMG_20190728_151602 IMG_20190728_151556

Was originally gonna use this for my 13s build but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

Abec 107’s (130$ shipped)


item Location, Brooklyn NY

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PMed 10char

Also PM’d.

Oh yeah. Unities are hot stuff right now!! Specially since main issue got solved, they’ve been selling like hot cakes

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what im gonna say next is gonna make @mmaner cringe.

selling my unity and wheels for a euc…


Anyways, both wheels and unity are pending.

How much for just the unity?? And just to confirm it is the new unity that acts as a BMS and has the most updated firmware and software with Bluetooth.

its pending.

also no esc acts like a bms…

No… Look at the SPECS…

Yeah and they specs dont say its a bms lol

all esc’s have a voltage cutout though

Unity is so hot people should sell it for 400 to 450

Would people literally pay that much for a unity? :face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Never underestimate fanboys.

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There is a pre-order wait list at the moment, so you probably could have sold it for more.

I’m out of the loop; what issue did they fix?

Biggest and most noticeable was abs over current fault That took lotta people down to the ground including myself :rofl:

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Wheels still available 125$ shipped

Unity is sold.

And you’re on backorder with unity as I don’t understand why unity can’t keep up with their orders they’re losing massive amounts of money. But I asked in the beginning of the summer when I could expect to receive a UNITY… and they told me not until September.