[SOLD] FS: Single Freeboard Binding [Left Foot Only] [For Regular Footed Riders]

I ordered the set of freeboard s2 bindings thinking I’d use both. Turns out I really just like running the single on my front foot and leaving the back one off so I can mount/dismount easier from push starts.

I’m goofy footed, which means I have an unused left foot binding! This would be recommended for anyone who is regular stance (left foot forward) to mount as their front binding.

This allows for better turning as well as less foot movement when going over super rough terrain or hopping curbs.

Looking to receive $25 shipped USPS first class within CONUS. Payment via paypal/venmo/cash app.

I also grip taped over the bottom metal piece. Your welcome. It looks much better this way and you can also reverse mount the bottom to point into the hook in case of not enough room in front of where your foot sits. Includes hardware for attaching hook to base, you’ll need bolts of appropriate length to fit on your deck. Recommended is 10/32 bolts.

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Mine! . :yum::yum:





I’m goofy too but would have considered pushing mongo

nah I have a set already stowed :grimacing: