SOLD: FS (UK): 6” Pneumatics with Aluminium Hubs + Aluminium 60T Pulleys

Already listed these elsewhere, but realised that as they’re new and unused they should actually go here!

4x Wheels (hubs, inner tubes and tyres), plus 2x 60T pulleys. Also the bolts etc that you’d need to fit them.

Just bought these for a new build, and they’re really nice, the wheels seem like great quality and the hubs and pulleys are well machined. Unfortunately they don’t fit onto the trucks I am using, and so I’m having to look for another set of wheels. As long as your truck axles are long enough to support them (the hubs are 34mm in diameter) then this would be a great set of wheels for an AT build I reckon!

(Editing this because people seemed to be confused by the way I wrote the pricing.)

£86 for the full setup (based in southwest England, if you want to collect instead of pay postage)

£8 for delivery within the UK

£14 for delivery to anywhere else in the EU.

(This includes tracking and insurance.)

If you’re outside the EU let me know, I’m happy to ship anywhere for site members that aren’t fresh accounts!



@Toughook if you want these metal pulleys fast!

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thanks, but I already ordered then from dickyho :slight_smile:

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Edited the pricing because it seemed to be confusing people what the prices were actually for.

Whats the diameter hole of the bearing?

Sorry this listing sold a while ago, I don’t have permission to edit the listing to remove it though for some reason.