(SOLD) FS: Winning Remote + Receiver

Selling this new “Winning” remote, never used or paired. identical ebay listing (not mine) for more details: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/202340471605

Asking $[SOLD], free shipping (ships from Toronto, ON Canada). Cheers!

IMG_8775 IMG_8776 IMG_8773 IMG_8774

If it works, I’ll take it for $20, sheeat… PM sent

Haha I honestly love these things the handfeel is just too perfect. And using a throttle curve idk why everyone hates on em so hard.

Well, I guess they do go max throttle right before the battery dies and there’s no way to tell the battery charge, but it also charges incredibly quick so…

Haha, it’s a love/hate relationship…