[SOLD] [Germany/EU] Complete drivetrain for sale - Torqueboards 218mm trucks, BKB dual 6374 motors, Marcmt88 mounts, belts, pulleys, wheels

Sold and is off to live in Sweden.

Wanting to sell this complete drivetrain that cost me over €600. Selling complete for €480

Everything included:

* 2 TorqueBoards 218mm

* 2 bkb 6374 190KV motors

* 2 marcmt88 motor mounts

* 2 Enertion 12mm 36t injection molded wheel pulleys

* 2 12mm 15t motor pulleys

* 2 HTD 5M 12mm by 305mm belts

* 4 90mm Flywheel clones in blue

Wanting to sell everything together but if there is enough interest I can part it out. PM offers.

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It’s a nice setup. You will sell it for sure. Good luck!

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What about the board

Board will be for sale some time in the future if I find a replacement I like.
Along with the dual focbox’s once my ESCapes come in and most likely the 10s4p battery once I get the DieBieMS to make a 12s battery for the Carvons.

Would you like to part it out?

if there is enough interest and no one is interested in taking the whole thing then I will part out some of it. What are you interested in?

Motor pulleys, wheel pulleys and belts.

Im interested in the trucks if you decide to part out

if one one has taken it as a complete in one week ill part it out.


Price for the whole set without wheels?