SOLD - Huge Sale of Unfinished Project New Parts

Hello, a while ago I decided to start DIY electric longboard project, collected all the information, made my calculations, and purchased all required parts except VESC. Made myself a sweet custom art longboard (carbon fiber, Orangatang Kegels, etc.) that I enjoyed this summer a lot. However not being able to get VESC for reasonable price or shipping terms my enthusiasm has slowly faded and I abandoned this project for a while. And now that it’s cold weather season outside, not being able to ride it for about half a year, I decided to give up on this project and sell all the parts.

I’m from Europe, Lithuania. All the shipping and payment options can be negotiated personally. Shipping to European countries should be a little faster / cheaper than the U.S. Also I would like to ask you guys, if you know any other active communities-forums, preferred European ones which I could post this sale to?

Let’s start:

  1. Brand new Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner Motor. Since it’s backordered on Hobbyking almost all the time it’s a great opportunity for you to get one. Asking price 85 EUR or 95 USD. SOLD

  2. 2 x brand new ZIPPY Flightmax 5800mAh 6S1P 30C batteries. Tested with voltmeter - perfect. At first I received them different size and weight (mislabeled) from Hobbyking, so I asked for replacement, had to wait for more than a month for all the shipping and refund procedures. Buying them already tested from me you won’t have to face these problems. Asking price 60 EUR or 67 USD for 1 unit. NEW PRICE: 100 EUR for both! SOLD

  3. GT2B to Badwolf V2 remote control mod halfway completed. My idea was not to make it looking sweet, but to make its case as strong and durable as possible, to not worry about crushing it in a palm or having to collect it fallen apart from the ground if it falls. Case is printed from very strong material (Polyamide) also as you can see in the picture, I reinforced it with these metal nuts. No GT2B parts missing, adding all extra parts required to finish this mod. You can finish this mod in about an hour watching YouTube tutorial or just use GT2B parts for your own project. Asking price 25 EUR or 28 USD. SOLD

  4. 2 x brand new Contitech (Continental) drive belts HTD 3M 15mm 89T 267mm Asking price 8 EUR or 9 USD for 1 unit.

  5. Brand new drive pulley 60 teeth 15mm 3M. Stock bore size 8 mm, you can enlarge it by drilling.

  6. Brand new motor Pulley 15 teeth 15mm 3M. Stock bore size 4 mm, you can enlarge it by drilling.

  7. Brand new motor Pulley 20 teeth 15mm 3M. Stock bore size 6 mm, you can enlarge it by drilling.

  8. Brand new motor Pulley 26 teeth 15mm 3M. Stock bore size 6 mm, you can enlarge it by drilling. The idea was to change gear ratio easily by changing motor pulleys and making oblong holes in DIY motor mount, so the 267 mm drive belt would fit all of the setups. Asking price 13 EUR (15 USD) for drive pulley, 8 EUR (9 USD) for each motor pulley. If you are up to making your own custom motor mount to have this universal gear ratio system, I will sell you all pulleys + both drive belts for total of 35 EUR or 39 USD instead of 53 EUR (60 USD) buying them apart. NEW PRICE: 30 EUR SOLD

Hi there. Is that motor keyed? Thx!

Hey, I’m afraid I haven’t understood your question. You can find more information about this motor here: It’s exactly the same motor, I bought it from here.

Thx. Doesn’t say it does or doesn’t. Probably not!!

This should help:

Oh, now I see what you mean. No, it’s not keyed from factory, nor modified by me yet.

Those Turnigy motors don’t come key’ed unless you buy it from someone who’s done it already. You’ll have to grind down a flat spot and use a grub screw to keep the pulley attached.

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Cool. Thx guys.

I may take the motor

Sk3 does not have the key slot in the shaft

PM’ed you barajabali.

Hi I’m interested in the controller project. I’ll pay 25 plus shipping. I live in Ireland (also within the EU) shipping should be reasonable.

Motor and GT2B mod sold to a member of this forum from the UK.

Ok thanks!

Price drop on batteries. Now 110 eur (123 usd) for both.

Why are the batteries so expensive? These are pretty similar but way cheaper:

Your ones are 3s, his ones 6s. One of his batteries is like two of yours in series, so the price is on point.

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Charster10, to have 12s battery pack, you would have to buy 4 of your mentioned batteries and the pack would be 5000 mAh instead of 5800 mAh with 20C disharge instead of 30C. If you want to compare 4x3s to 2x6s pack, you should have posted something like this: which would make it 138 euros total.

My price of 110 eur is more than reasonable :slight_smile:

Sorry didnt realise they were 6s haha, i understand now

Final price drop on batteries. Only 100 eur for both!! Desperately need money for a new phone, since I smashed mines screen. Also a price drop on a set of drive pulley + 3 motor pulleys + 2 drive belts, for only 30 eur.

Cmon guys, it’s a steal!

I take the Pulley set. 30€ + Shipping (costs to Germany?)