SOLD: Jet Spud 29, US, used

I’ve got a lightly used Jet Spud 29 for sale. I’m tearing it down this weekend. Using some if the parts for my new 40mph build and some to fix my kids street deck. I hate to get rid if it but I can’t justify spending a bunch this close to Christmas.

I’ll take $65 for the deck. I’ll sell the enclosure for $40 with the volt meter.

Here’s pics as it is, I’ll post more when I’ve disassembled the board.

  • EDIT: Price lowered

Pics after the tear down.

There are quit a few screw holes in the bottom but the are only 3/8 deep. It would beast to fill with putty and sand, which is what I’ll do if I don’t sell it.

Also, the factory grip is not great, even new. So I’ll stick a couple of 33in pieces of grip in with it.

What size battery did the enclosure have, and who built?

It’s a 10s3p, @PXSS built the battery, @psychotiller the enclosure, it’s a flagship v2.

Keep the voltmeter and throw in free ship and I’ll take the enclosure :yum:

PM an address, let me see what the cost is first.

he’s in NY


Enclosure is sold. Jet Spud 29 remains available. Make an offer via PM please.

Is 10s3p the largest pack that will fit in there (@psychotiller - FlagshipV2) with (2) VESC’s?

I know totally OT from your sale but I got (2) Jet Spud 29"'s trying to make two builds (one to sell and one to keep). Need a nice enclosure and gonna go carvon v4 for dual drive – I am thinking this FlagshipV2 or Knuckles (18 x 6.25 x 1.60") the latter would definitely support a double layer of 18650’s

If you double layer the cells you could fit a 12s4p I imagine.

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Yeah. We fit a 12s4p stack in Dave Hilal’s Carvon/Loaded Build.


bumpity bump…price lowered to $65. Somebody get this thing so I don’t end up having to build it again.

what have ya left?

The deck is all I’m really trying to sell. I have some blue Caliber II 10in 50deg trucks that I used on this build I’d sell, but Ill prolly use them again as well.

what about the s2 bindings?

not selling those

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ah now breakin my heart boss

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what made you part it out planning one these builds and wondering what the cons were that made you wanna sell?

Just too many boards build and building too many. It’s a great deck, and I love the bindings. The eBay ESC not so much.