[SOLD] Lacroix Deck & Enclosure + MBS Trucks, Hubs and Tyres

Selling a brand new Lacroix deck and enclosure. Complete with MBS Matrix Pro II trucks, MBS Rockstar 2 hubs, MBS bearings and 7" Innova Inline tyres. An extra set of orange shock blocks also included to customize the truck setup. Come with all original screws, loctite, griptape etc that was supplied with the deck.

Not looking to split any of the parts. Everything is brand new and reason for selling is I had a change of plan since I’ve built my own board. It’s just taking up space. Would prefer to ship to the UK or if you’re close enough to meet that’s also an option. Based in Manchester, UK.

Price is £800 firm for everything + shipping. Payment via PayPal goods and services. Will only be sent tracked and signed. I had to pay a big customs charge so only looking to ship to someone in the UK.

Any questions PM me. Also have a brand new 12S Bestech BMS I’m willing it sell with the board.

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Best price? I think it is to high… don’t like those plastic truck bases…

nobody makes you to buy it :sweat_smile:


Sshhh Andy…


I know you like to buy everything you get in here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, buuut it´s anyway prefered UK sale, sooo… let the OP try his luck. if somebody will pay the price, why not.

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It’s been a day and no bits yet…

I still sell motor sensor adapter cables and I posted that some month ago. Some things just take time :wink:

Show me thx?

That is an excellent price, the plastic base plates are all over the place. I feel like your just being insulting for no reason, maybe do some research on prices before making comments like that.

@colinphotovideo do your thing…


Ugh this is so tempting


Theres a 5-6 week shipping time on the Lacroix deck and its 699 USD on its own without shipping. I’d say this is a bargain with trucks and wheels included as well…


What’s the enclosure made from?

Its made from raw research gazzer.



Just been lazy yea…so it says board and enclosure for $699 USD 6 week wait.colin talking pounds

Plus 22ish % import fees

Plus matrix trucks

Plus wheels

Plus hubs

This is a steal mate

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Import fee’s? Depends we’re I was thinking shipping to Australia Under $1000 no import tax here

Its too big and easy to google to slip through customs. It comes from Canada. I’d shave my own nips off if this gets past customs

I got trampa set up without paying for tax…so it is possible

Trampa are in the midlands.