[SOLD] Landwheel L3-X New in box $350 Shipped US ONLY

I’ve decided to sell this drive unit after it being on the shelf for 6 months. I’m part of the beta testing group for them that assisted with the production. This is the 5th and final version that finally solved all the previous issues. No motor failures or weak housing. I’ve ridden my other unit for a good 300 miles. I usually leave my Spud Landwheel at the office for lunch and coffee runs.

Initially I order two because they said they would make a remote that drives both units to get 4wd. They have abandoned that design so I have no real use now.

The only issue would be their wheel which has a 90 degree edge that would be prone to chunking. I wore thick leather gloves and took a file to the edges (while throttling) to round it out. I’ll post a picture of mine below. Wheels are 92mm. These drives are FOC silent and actually has smooth braking due to the new Chinese ESCs. I like the acceleration and braking curves on these.

Asking for $350 SHIPPED. Shipping would probably be in the $40-50 range so I don’t think I’m asking for too much at about $300, battery will be a new one although I put a number on it because I have other batteries, but it’s new. image image imageimage this is my drive with the rounded edges. No chunking


Pending sale to @KaramQ on February 23rd.

I’m giving him a deal of $300 with two new batteries (pick up). If he changes his mind this will be the lowest and greatest offer given to the next taker, shipping not included


I’m still a big fan of those drives for the output you get. I sold mine last year and have regretted it ever since. Such a handy nippy little commuter. It was also my 11 y/o favourite so hes never forgiven me lol If you weren’t in the us I would be defo 2nd in line for this. Good luck

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