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SOLD Landyatchz 34" Topspeed- very light use. Aust. Only

Hey guys, purchased earlier in the year for my first build. It actually took quite a while to find it as they don’t make this version anymore. Well regarded design with a great “locked in” feeling concave.

Selling since I’ve decided move forward with a kicktail based deck instead. Plenty of room for a spacecell and dual motors in a 34" deck!

Very light use (see photos for small marks). $130AUD. shipped.

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How much would shipping to EU cost or is there no way?:slight_smile:

Mmmm I could check it out for you. I really don’t have any idea, but PM me you details and I’ll check it out t

Italy mainland.

Cray cray… $78 AUD for 7 day shipping and $48 for the slow boat (approx. 30 days).
USA wa a bit better at $60 something and $40 something.

Too bad:( only 15$ I can get a new one (if I would take cheap shipping)

That’s what I thought. Stay local and get a new one. It is a fantastic deck. I might end out keeping it if it doesn’t move soon.