(SOLD) maytech 6374 and feather remote and pulley's for sale

Maytech 6374 motor, unused. Broken sensor but otherwise works fine. ($60 shipped) 20190419_205245 20190419_205240

Father remote. fully assembled. unused. I don’t need it right now so selling it. $140 shipped. 20190419_205101

2x 36t abec pulley with one 16t motor pulley. SOLD 20190419_205619






What happened to the sensor?


no clue, i bought it from @hyperIon1, he was going to ship it back to maytech to get it reparied but i didnt need a sensor so i bought it. i dont need it now so im selling it.

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(Too bad it’s already sold)

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Remote is fully functional?

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Yes. You just need to configure it in the vesc settings.

Is that easy to do? Battery in it still good? 1s I think?

Umm. Yeah it is. But if you have to ask that I would look else where for a remote. This one might not be for you.

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I bought one of these from a member and the battery won’t hold charge also the receiver was cooked…and was told it was ready to go but wasn’t…was sent another receiver but in his defence

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The battery is new, and it hasn’t been used at all. Assembled just a few days ago.



$60 shipped for the motor.

$140 shipped for the feather remote

Replacing the hall sensors is super easy and cheap. I just recently made the repair on a pair of 6374’s.

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Yeah I’m just way to busy right now. Don’t have time to mess with it.

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Yo that’s a steal for that motor. Bet it’s gone by the end of the day.

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So I was lurking for a while and didn’t get an account for a while, so I don’t think I can send a PM.

I am interested in buying the remote, the catch being that I’m not in the US.

I can dish out a tad more to cover international shipping.

This motor still for sale?

Yes. The motor is still available.

The remote however is sold.

I’ll pm ya :+1:

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Everything sold. Please close the thread. @anorak234 @mmaner