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(Sold) MBS Matrix Pro motor mounts and pulley kit for sale

I Have this Kit looking to sale, 2 wheel pulley machined for BMS Rockstar and fivestar hubs,motor mounts and trucks clamps for MBS Matrix pro trucks includes all hardware.Are possibly a trade for my next build.

20180215_200731 20180215_19082420180215_19110920170908_110248


Maybe useful not sure if same as pro

So am not to familiar with the MBS trucks witch is witch? mbs_matrix_pro_truck_-_gold matrix_2_pro_Achse

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how much ? thanks

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Wheel pulley no longer available.

how much for the engine mounts?

saw only for trampa trucks, I need for mbs matrix like the first picture in this post.

I can make a set, and put it up in the store.

How much for the set? I would like to purchase.

MBS matrix old style with springs?

The Matrix 1 -

I don’t stock the clamps for those trucks, I have to make them to order they look like this,I just finished one this morning if your still interested. 20180423_063311

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I received a set of custom clamps from Rithblu and they were extremely well finished and included all hardware. I highly recommend rithblu and ATC (All Terrain Creations)…



Just received the mounts, very high quality! Thanks. 20180510_115332


hello, if possible I want to buy a complete kit. Please contact with me