(Sold) MBS Matrix Pro motor mounts and pulley kit for sale

I would to commission a joint and bracket set for the mbs matrix pro pictured here.


I can , but i wont be able to ship it till Monday. and also it will be raw aluminum not powder coated like the one’s i done before. Let me know if you still want to proceed.

Still able to make the matrix set?

Also interested in a matrix set here

I would like to purchase some mounts to suit matrix 11 , how can I do that ?

@Collaroyscott matrix 11? Do you mean Matrix II (2)?

Yes sorry matrix 11

Hey brotha am wondering if you are still making the clamps for the motor mounts I am interested in purchasing a set of these clamps

Hey, so your looking for just the clamps for the MBS matrix old style with springs? I don’t really make those any more. But im willing to help a brother out.

really anything will help I actually made a couple clamps using a hoverboard wheel motor mount and works good for moment it’s just the aluminum is too soft and makes the threads for the bolts too soft and weak. It’ll work for a little but not for long term. So if you have any older clamps I would like to buy them from you? I am using Evolve motors and mounts with their 60T pulley on 8" Pneumatics