SOLD: Meepo NLS motor, trucks, ESC, and remotes

Hey selling my Meepo items off the NLS that I am not using anymore since I went to Direct drives. Price: $old

Comes with Meepo NLS motors + truck w/ 100mm PU sleeves Meepo 90mm PU sleeves Meepo front truck with 100mm wheels NLS ESC + enclosure with 2 remotes (the NR remote has a flash light built in)

How much for just the rear truck or the rear truck and motors?

Not looking to sell separately right now


Lets get rid of this $160 shipped!

How many miles do you have on them? Also is that the 30A esc or the 24A? *PM me

I might be interested and I can just slap on any battery to turn into a daily hub driver. Let me think about it for a couple days lol

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Its the first NLS esc so I guess the lower 24A. Miles about 500