[SOLD] Motors, Mounts, VESCs, Wheels, Vanguard Enclosures

Since there’s little interest in my Boosted Clone, I’ve decided to part out that build. Things for sale below. Everything with less than 100 miles on them:

(Motors, Mounts, Trucks) - Must be sold together as the mounting screws are stripped (can be removed if you have patience) or usable as is $260: 2x TB 6355 sensored motors w/16T motor pulleys 2x TB motor mounts 2x TB Caliber Style trucks

Drive Wheel Kit $50 for both: 2x TB 36T ABEC style drive kit w/265mm x 12mm belts

Loaded Vanguard Style Battery and VESC enclosures (from the forum): $50 Bat Enclosure: Can fit a 12S3P with BMS, wired with antispark + deans and Voltmeter $20 VESC Enclosure: Can fit dual VESCs and receiver

Vanda VESCs $70 each: XT90s, 2 available

Evolve GT 83mm wheels $30

Full Ceramic Bearings $20

Like New Silver MasterCho enclosure w/ GT2B installed and receiver $50

Loaded Vanguard Flex 3, gripped, wired and with enclosure mounting holes $40

updated with pics (from my other post):

If anybody is interested in the $260 drive setup but doesn’t need all the things, I’d be happy to buy one 6355 motor.

Post piiiiiiiiiiiiiiics

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Sent you a PM.

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Pics please

Vanguard and enclosures still for sale?

edited with photos from my other post about the board

I pmed you about stuff before this thread

I want to buy the board, and I live in Bay Area too.

What kv are the motors?

they are 190kv

all pm’s responded to

So what’s still for sale

^ Seconded, interested in many of these items

Sorry for the delay everyone. This weekend I met up with a local buyer who pm’d me and sold him the whole package