SOLD motors no longer available

I have 4 of the motors that @JLabs is selling ,up for sale

Literally brand new, never used, I purchase 4, 1 came defective (The bearing was not seated all the way in, so the circlip would not clip into place) I damaged the bearing trying to push it in. I purchased a new bearing and replaced it. Motor works fine but the new bearing still has the same issue as the first one. It wont sit all the way into the housing.

I cant get a refund on any of the motors (not even the defective one) And i dont need them anymore. So these are going to get sold for really cheap.

buy each for $50 + shipping, buy 3 get the last one free. thats all they’re worth if you ask me, not that $80+ shipping hes charging. my loss your gain!


what a steal!

Yea its a good deal! i just want them out of my life, im scarred from the level of service i got from the ‘company’.

Motors all sold! That company was a nightmare and i just wanted the motors gone even if i lost over $110 dollars. It was worth it to make a point that some company’s are not worth dealing with.