SOLD Never Used Drivetrain Parts SOLD

I bought another raptor 2 and decided not to go through with my build

Item location Grand Rapids MI. Shipping to US only.

Build kit boards parts:

New Left and right motor mounts with covers $90 for both shipped image New 6354 190kv sensored motors with a 12t or 15t gear included $70 each shipped image 100Amp Anti spark with power switch $35 shipped image Other parts:

Caliber E truck. Never used, has a couple scratches from checking the fitment of a motor mount. $40 shipped image Electric board solutions Kegel/caguama 36t anodized black wheel pulleys with bearing. $40 each shipped image


These have all sold

Please close

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How did you sell the caliber truck so darn quick? What’s the difference between a e calliber and just a calliber 10 inch model?

The e cals have extended axels