[SOLD] “New” OneWheel PLUS for sale

I hope this is allowed as it’s not a SKATE board. I just thought I might find someone in this community who’s interested. If take down is needed, I understand.

$1,300 shipped in the 48 states…$1,250 if you pick up in Irvine 92618 with cash

Has under 5 miles on it. Decided to stick with skateboard after a few runs up and down smooth parking lot. Never took a tumble, just the gentle step off so it practically new.

Included is the installed Craft and Ride Carbon Fiber fender ($140). I will ship it with original box

@pkasanda if you wanted a third one :wink:



“Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?“ ok forum…

i want one LOL

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Where are you located? I might be interested, but only if I test ride since I’ve never ridden one and have No Idea if I’d like it or not…

@pennyboard Irvine.

Learning curve is there but everyone I talked to loves it after a week of riding. If you got the money and time to learn, go for it. I lack the time

If you could get two of them working online…

Confused. Two of what?

i guess I mean a ‘two’ wheel like a esk8 with two big ass wheels