SOLD: New Racerstar 5045 200kv Motors + Pulleys, Assorted 15mm Belts

I’m selling a few things that went unused in my recent build plans. Everything is brand new.

*Set of 2 Racerstar 5045 200KV motors with pulley - $115 shipped to the USA.

I have 4 of these motors; selling by the pair. It took forever for them to arrive from China, so here’s a chance to get them, in the USA, in just a few days. Should be really nice motors. They are pretty light weight and would be nice on mall grabbers or compact commuters, etc. I’m including the pulleys that were made for these (purchased separately), but they didn’t come with grub screws, so you’ll want to loctite or source some grubs.

*Sets of 2 Bestorq 15MM 5M HTD belts (Choose a pair: 305, 310, or 330mm) - $17 shipped in USA.

See pictures for quantities that I have. Came by all of these after lots of sizing trial and error and general pulley indecision on my builds.

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These would be good on 10S. That’s what I was going to use them on. If you had dual 6374s, those combined are more powerful than these. 2 of these should deliver power better than a single 6374 though. A 10s battery and two of these with 15mm belts is a pretty solid ride. Torque and speed would depend on your gear ratio.

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Um, the motors are less expensive new from banggood.

Banggood is a great place to get them if you’ve got 45+ days to wait and don’t need pulleys :wink:

Still for sale. Prices include shipping in USA.

Still have 2x 310mm belts?

Do you still have the 330 belts?

Yep, still have the belts.

I’ll take the 330 from you.

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Sold all these motors. @moderators can close this one up.

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