Sold/ no longer available

£110 each plus shipping I’ve soldered on the larger bullet connectors and heat shrunken the cable. All tested and working fine.

I suspect these are going to go fast. How many miles(or km) did you put on them?

I think they are new

It’s in the Used section -_-

Yeh they’re new, I’ve just changed the bullet connectors and plugged them in to make sure they work


So how come you’re getting rid of them? They seem to be in perfect condition. I would keep them if I were you tbh.

recatergorized for ya

Theres always a guy selling focboxes when you just used your money. :frowning:


How about we trade. You give me 1 months supply of beer and I give you 220 bucks.

Let me guess… He will buy ESCapes :thinking:

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boom bitch @hatman30 said they are new

Always the same story man…

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Shhhh… You’re ruining our super secret master plan.

Who, me? I didn’t say anything! It was the unicorns I swear!

I’ve got hold of a load of Ollin stuff for cheap so don’t need them anymore, hence the sale.


@GrecoMan Sorry but rules are rules

but damn… these are new. i think it’s reasonable

Still because of his status, he can not post them in the new items category. He can however post them in the used items category and say they have zero miles. Or, in like new condition. Or, pre-owned but unused.

incorrectly categorize items, or make an exception to the rules

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