[SOLD] Offroad Trampa Board

Hi guys, I have come to the conclusion that I no longer have time to spend on this hobby (hint: dogs and brewing beer takes up lots and lots of time ;-)) Bought in November 2017, used 10-20 times since then. Everything is in good condition and will take you through some pretty rough terrain or cruise some really, really bad roads.


  • Deck: 16ply 35º Holypro
  • Motor mount: Trampa Pro Motor mount
  • Trucks: Trampa Vertigo Trucks
  • Wheels: Trampa Superstar 8 inch
  • 2x original VESC 6.0
  • Motors: 136kv TRAMPA Motor
  • Battery pack: 12s5p Eskating.eu (Samsung 30q cells)
  • Tires: 8 Inch HARD TRAMPA Treads Tyres
  • Remote: MAYTECH
  • 1x Trampa Bluetooth module
  • 1x Muck Off Bag
  • 1x Quick charger
  • 1x Regular charger
  • 1x Vedder Antispark
  • Custom 3D-printed VESC box (original VESC-holder included)
  • Custom riser for battery container.
  • Extra tires

Interested? Give me an offer

The board is located in Sweden and I can probably arrange shipping which will be added to the price (or feel free to drop by and pick it up).

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Some pics 54432949_10157358856533982_8599943480707383296_n 54731378_10157358856523982_4878757886735417344_n

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Price? 10char

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Negotiable, but I was thinking around 2000 Euro.

hi how much use has it been through,overall condition and would u sell without battery,thanks

Hi Ozzie!

I haven’t had a odometer logging on it unfortunately, but let’s do a worst case calculation:

  • 20 rides / 30km each, all including some bit of rough terrain => I.e. very little use
  • The hardware and electronics are both in very good condition (and there are spare tyres included if you are worried about wear on the rubber etc.)

I would rather not piece the board out if I can avoid it.

thanks for quick reply ,but not really cheaper than a ready to go from trampa,except has a small battery

Price can be negotiated, but just so we’re clear a similar board from Trampa is 2050£ without any wiring done, and without a battery, bluetooth adapter, extra tires.

You’re probably looking at 2500£ ish, at least to get a similar setup. That’s my estimates though.

I just want to be absolutely transparent here. I’m looking to price this fairly, if you guys think I’m way off in terms of pricing, let me know, preferably with reasons behind it.


What was the max range you could get from a charge? (Not interested in the board but need a good battery)

I’m a heavy guy (100kg), if I remember correctly I maxed the range at 35km or so with the AT wheels on some damp riding (mostly asphalt and dirt roads, some grass)

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ACTUALLY IM AFTER A SECOND BOARD I GOT THE 2019 TWIN PROBELT READY TO GO FULLY SET UP WITH BIG TRAMPA 160 MOTORS,FULL MOTO cage,complete covers sealing the belts and all wiring concealed routed into deck,its a work of art for 2050 direct from Trampa,brand new ,just add batteries thats why i said this and i got a 12s7p made,but after another one,thats all,your board looks good though


I think the price is fair tbh, okay so a complete pro belt drive from trampa is 2100£ with the Vertigo trucks, that is roughly 2400 euros. Then add the cost of a 12s5p eskating battery which is 500 euro and the Trampa board sums up to 2900.

This is 900 cheaper than that which for sure is a noticable difference.


Hi I am very interested in your board. Would you consider shipping to UK?


At least I can look into the shipping. I only got quotes from the shipping company for nordics, bur they said worldwide was possible.

PM me with an offer and we can discuss there

how about $15 :rofl:

Thanks, but no thanks :wink:

that board looks so AWESOME why r u selling?

Easy answer :slight_smile: Want to spend more time with this guy:57078574137__A12138B2-8981-46E8-859C-07DC5F401252


Hello, i am interested in it but i don´t know how to writte to pm to make my offer. Could you pm to me or writte to me to xxxx @hotmail.com?


Click on his name, then pops up a little window with a message button