SOLD OUT: Dual ESCape's w/ double enclosure. The rest has sold

All items are 100% new/unused. (2) TB 6380’s 170kv - cost $135, will do $120.

(2) ESCape’s with dual enclosure - cost $325, will do for $300.

SOLD (1) DieBieBMS 6-12s BMS - cost $120.

NESE Modules for 12s4p - cost around $180… make an offer.

I posted pics in an earlier post, but can take more if requested. DM me I’ll get right back!

Sweet loot. Did you ever build yourself a board?

Lol… No, I’m starting from scratch pretty much… :sob:

Half the fun is in the planning. Damn I want those escapes so bad. Any idea what shippinh would be to Finland?

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Checking. One min.

Not 100 % but I think between $24 and 30.

Not bad at all. Fuckfuckfuck. Letme think about this for a while.

Ok, you’re the first to inquire, so I’ll give you first priority.

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Never even been turned on. Not a scratch.

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Would you be intressted in doing a 1:1 trade? 1 set 6" alu hubs for 8mm axel. (No tyres just hubs+pulleys) IMG_20180709_205552 Those threaded m5 that you can see will not be visible with new model.

how much for the DieBieMS to Sydney 2156 Australia? (@AlanZhou I’ll try again lmao)


What config are the nese modules in? Can I get a picture?

I’ll post on a few min. They are 6 doubled sided 8p modules with one being a 2s4p, and the rest 4p+4p, making them 12s4p configuration.

Sorry I gotta pass on that. Appreciate the offer though!

Sorry just sold the BMS. Thank you for the interest though!

get fucked :joy:


Haha, oh boy… :rofl::sob:

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So the only thing left is the dual ESCape’s with enclosure. To just add to it a bit, I’ll also include these cables. Worth like ~$18. 15568162645282474220144297801666

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