SOLD OUT! (thanks for those interested)

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I want those trucks😭

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It shows up on my side that ZachTetra called dibs on the trucks first

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Let me get some picture soon up to show what they look like

I have a friend who will take the 107s and possibly a 6374

You don’t want 10$ more?

@Reidco19 Did you have both of the 6374s on the 218s? Or anyone do they fit?

I do actually, here’s a picture of the setup

Noooooooo, I want those trucks



Nvm, can I have the gears on the 107 superflus for 20$?

Perfect! PM’ed for a 218s/6374s/107s
@KaramQ went for the pulleys too…so sorry man

Fuuuck you, lol

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He’s got 36T on the 80mm wheels

D: I pmd him a bit ago for the same stuff :((

EDIT: no trucks though since you called dibs :frowning:

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Oof…it’s up to him I guess, may the most lucky sucker take home the loot!

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Dibs on battery and 1 FoCBox

youre the first to ask for the 6355 i believe, so you have dibs.

ZachTetra, what are you hoping to grab from this? since you were the first to message on the post

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  • both TB 218 trucks
  • both TB 6374 motors
  • all 4 ABEC 107s with both pulleys

And the belts for the mounts if you don’t want them