[SOLD] Ownboard 10s2p Battery for sale - Unused for sale - Berkeley, CA

Selling an Ownboard 10s2p (Samsung 4.0). Comes with XT60, connector and wiring for charger and battery gauge. Comes with charging port and 2A charger. Still new and unused, bought for a board I am building right now, but flying back to EU in a week and too complicated to carry a battery. So needs a good home. Bought for $150.99, accept any reasonable offer. Preferably close to Berkeley, CA.

Not sure if you checked with your airline but with the wattage of that battery under 160, you should be able to carry it on

Thanks, but not with Norweigian. It would have to be for a medical purpose to be allowed! :thinking:

I certainly don’t need this but if you can’t find a home, I can give you some money for it. I don’t want to offend you with my offer though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Will you ship?

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Hey, thanks for the interest. Not really an option to ship as I will not be here if it gets returned. I’ve already spent several hours on the phone with couriers and airlines about shipping to Europe with no realistic option. Also, there are a few hit and miss stories here on the forums about batteries not reaching their destination (unless of course packed by authorised Hazmat couriers). Thanks anyway, let me know if a meet-up or collection is an option.