[Sold] Ownboard W2 ESC WITHOUT THE ENCLOSURE(suitable for Dual belt driven build)., Australia based

Maybe look around for a used hobbywing esc thats for hubs? They’re very very smooth / easy going and designed for hubs instead. Will be like $80 new for a dual one so a used one should be super cheap

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It doesn’t really worry me if it doesn’t work. Its an excuse to chuck something else together. lol Thanks for the input guys really appreciated. @joshie pm sent.

Is it still available?

Anyone tried one of these with a diyeboard dual belt kit?

Thats what I was going to use it with.

Hey buddy, Yes is still available

A little update: Just selling the ESC only, there’s scratch on the outer core while I was trying to remove it from the enclosure. Still unused.

Do you have the remote?

I’m interested

I have an extra ownboard remote if you want it

Id love to hear how it works out

Thanks guys is SOLD now

Sold to - @moto1

@mmaner, @moto1 likes them big