Sold pieces and battery

50 samsung 30q batteries tried using them for a project but decided not to(£160)sold ordered from nkon around 3 months ago

vruzend battery kit(£30)sold

all brand new never tested

are in formation for space purposes

live in uk so not sure about shipping but i think i can do europe correct me if i am wrong



please contact me with offers thank you

some other things i am selling

sorry first one was wrong

i meant this

Just fyi Current nkon price for 50qty 30qs is £146 Inc vat…


I live in uk so at the time after shipping and vat it was 190

Same at fogstar uk

But what is it now? You can’t expect people to pay more for something just because you did. They will almost always buy the cheapest option, and considering the cheaper option is from a reliable source you will have to lower your price



That includes shipping, which you can’t pass on - either way it’s not 200 :wink:

Yes I agree with you, sale price should be well under 150

Closer to 120 I’d have thought…

Not asking for 200 for them I was stating the price they cost new asking for both of them around 150 or 175

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Would you take £100 for just the 30qs?

Nah sorry would like more

Just checked the email from them it was 160 so edited the description

Well you have been disingenuous in both sales threads


Why is that

After what happened on my old threads I am trying to play it simple on these forums

If you could help me please do

pm me if anyone is interested in it

What would you be happy with for the lot?