(SOLD) Psychotiller rkp clmaps, 10s ds140 bms, metr pro

Selling a bunch of items because I’m not going to use them any time soon.

**Never used Psychotiller press fit Surf Rodz rkp mounts. ** I mounted one side once, but never rode these. (sold bought originally for $195 I think.


Metr pro, (sold) going to buy a unity metr so don’t need this.


DaveGA with screens and @lrdesigns resin case (pics coming soon) but it is brand new unopened. One davega is assembled and one is a kit. I have two screens I can include with this so you don’t have to wait on it from China. Everything mentioned above (Sold) I need the foot space on my builds so I can’t use it so might as well sell it.


And a bestech ds140 10s bms. (sold)



I’ll take the BMS if you still have it!

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I’ll take the DAVEga if still available. PM sent.

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@Indiangummy i need that bms good sir.Is that 10s or 9s? I only see 9 balance leads…

If you look at the bms there is another 2 pin plug for another 2 cables

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Now i see the other plug lol.

@Indiangummy still wan lol

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psycho where are you located?

You just call me a psycho? :joy::joy:

I’m located in Atlanta. Listing also says US


I’m fresh to the site my bad Tiller, I’m in Az and there no one around these parts for help or advice…Sorry I don’t mean to waste your time but do you make battery setups or just sell parts when have them to get rid of ? I appreciate your time

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Nha, I’m just selling some parts that I don’t need.

Contact @hyperIon1 or @thisguyhere or @psychotiller For a battery setup. They will sort you out.


I’ll take the metr pro. I haven’t fumbled with one yet and have two focboxs in a board.


everything sold. @mmaner @anorak234 do ya thing please.