(SOLD) Pulleys, Belts, Trucks, Orangatang Wheels and Bearings

Everything SOLD.

Thanks Esk8 community

I am interested in the VESC-x…sent you a PM

interested and im also in british columbia

Pictures are up. Replying to messages.

Updated post.

Bump, updated post with more goodies.

How much are the pulleys?

Selling everything as a package right now.

Still available. Everything packed and ready to be shipped

Lowered price.

I live in Canada and have some parts here. What would you need to get on the road? More esk8r’s the better. There is time to enjoy still. LMK If can help in anyway. All the best.

I sold off the majority of my other parts already. Really no interest right now, perhaps next summer. Thanks for the offer though.

No problem. Hope to see you back.

Open to ship within north America

What do you have left?

Everything in post #1 is available. Trucks, wheels, belts, pulleys

How much for motor pulley