SOLD : R2 for sale : $1200 great condition

A friend of mine contacted me and wanted to sell his Enertion Raptor 2, so i volunteered to help. At first i wanted to buy it but then i realized my money was all tied up already so the timing was just bad. One day I’ll have an R2, but not today. Today could be the day you have one, though.

If you’re interested PM me and I’ll connect you.

Here’s the pics he sent me:

20181030_133705 20181030_133721 20181030_133644 20181030_133657 20181030_133734 20181030_133701 20181030_133731 20181030_133749 20181030_133725 20181030_133743

this was sold


I know this is old but is it still available?

nope, i should have updated the title. doing that now.

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