[SOLD] Rocket Freeflow - Canada/USA - 570USD shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD

12S3P, dual 75kv hub motors. One motor lost its grub screw so it is epoxied and holds up well. 2x extra retainer rings w/ screws. Shipping from Canada


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why you couldn’t just replace the grub screw beats me

Stripped hole

Bbbbbbumpp still for sale

BBbbbump price update 850CAD$ retail was 1400USD

Bumpppp 660USD it’s a fucking steeaaalll guys

idk, part it out if it doesnt sell?

I don’t mind parting it out. What part do you want?

I dont know but I am sure the deck and battery will sell easily

@Pr0dy I’d likely buy the deck and battery, how much do you want?

@Pr0dy If @mmaner hasn’t snagged up the battery I’m interested in the batt you know how it is here in Canada for Batts…nightmare…how old is it and if you know how many charges and miles on it …thanks for your time and cheers

Probably 100 miles and 10 charges on it

What are you wanting for the battery I’m interested in that if the price is right and your gonna part out the build…but I don’t want to step over @mmaner he was first … cheers

What speed controllers are inside?

Idk they are DIYes VESC

let me know what you decide on the deck & battery

And I’ll be second to buy :grin: for sure I’ll take the battery if this man doesn’t snag it up today…

Got no idea really. They sell the deck for 300 and battery for like 370. I have no idea if I can ship batteries to the USA tho. 460US$ for both + ?$ shipping

Anyone interested just hit my dms

That’s too ritch for my blood but thanks for letting me know.