(SOLD) Samsung 10S2P Battery 6.0 - Charger Included & Light

OWNBOARD 10S2P Battery and Charger. Free light included, why not. $120.00 + Free Shipping to US

• 2P10S: Rated Voltage 36V, Charge Voltage 42V • 3 hour Charging time
• Connector type: XT-60

Samsung 6.0Ah
Dimensions: 60x105x45mm Power: 216wh Discharge Current: 30Ah


Bruv… You definitely need pictures and more read time.

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How used is it?

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Purchased new in August. Charged about 25 times.

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Pictures of the sticker on the pack and all sides of it. Charger sticker as well. And what’s in the box!!!?

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That’s a bicycle flashing light I think


Twas a movie reference but thank you lol


I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the battery but is there any chance you have the ownboard hubs?

Only the battery

It’s this battery: https://www.ownboard.net/collections/parts-accessories-for-electric-skateboard/products/ownboard-electric-skateboard-battery?variant=13662158258218

Charger Side02 Side01 Connectors Label

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Haven’t seen that before. Is the wrap ripped or is that from a marker?

That’s a crack in the blue plastic casing. Nothing some electrical tape wouldn’t fix.

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Yeah that ain’t gonna do much in terms of how well it works. Just might not be as water proof

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Use nail polish, it will fare much better at keeping water out

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Figured, just couldn’t tell what it was. :slight_smile:

Anyone know the continuous discharge current on these?

Samsung 30Q is 15A per cell. This being in 2p so 15x2 = 30A total

I dont think that pack uses 30q

Suprisingly it does. It says on the label that it has Samsung 30Q cells (although in OP’s pics it is faded, you can check it on the Ownboard website). I have an Ownboard kit with the same 6.0 battery, and it had the 30Q label as well. I haven’t removed the shrink wrap to check for sure, as I want to sell the board or the parts eventually once I finish a build, and don’t want to ruin it. The discharge current listed on their website does match up with the 30Q cells as well (officially rated for 30Ah)

There is barely any voltage sag under load except last 30-ish percent, and the range is as expected, so I am pretty sure they are genuine cells, but at the same time I am not too heavy and don’t accelerate too hard since I use a 27" deck.

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