SOLD: Samsung 25R 10s2p Battery pack (barely used)

Selling my Samsung 25R 10s2p because am looking to upgrade.
Came with my Meepo NLS that I got last month. I have 2 packs, I’ve only cycled each about 6 times. Good upgrade for budget boards still running the Samsung 20R.

ALL SOLD Paypal gift or buyer pays fee or Venmo

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Picture of one of them


@dcxeternal Can the BMS inside do 40A continuous?

The pack is rated for it but I havent tried.

Single or double stack

I really dont know any of the battery terms. It measures 40mm height x 98mm width x 140mm length if that helps in determining your question.

@dcxeternal so no shipping to Australia?

Already received payments for both. all sold