(SOLD)Selling 10s4p battery pack

Selling used 10s4p battery pack that I ordered from Hyperionsystems in February of this year but started using it in April after completing my build. With roughly 20+ cycles hasn’t hit it’s prime so still alotta life to be had for this pack. There is a tear in the shrinkwrap but I secured it with kapton tape and tested with no problems. Price $245 shipped only in the US from Chesapeake, VA.

-10s4p Samsung 30Q battery pack purchased from Hyperionsystems. Roughly 20+ cycles. 13"x 6" or 17.5" x 6" with BMS extended.

Had requested clear shrink wrap cause I wanted to see the batteries. Real quality built pack IMO.

-xt60 plug battery side. Not shown are battery charger and charge port be will be included.

-Charge only BMS Bestech D127 for li-ion

Torn shrinkwrap is at the front of pack but have secured it with kapton tape. Test ride no problems.

Bottom side. I’ll remove the velcro and clean it up real nice. image


PM sent


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