[SOLD]Selling Flipsky Dual VESC Plus 4.20


I’m selling a brand new Flipsky 4.20 Plus with integrated anti spark power switch and push to start. This VESC is brand new and I’ve only opened the plastic cover. It is insufficient for my setup as initially I was using the Carvon Exo’s as my motors but have moved to belt driven drive from Haggy Board.


Please note that I have soldered 4mm bullet connectors and an Xt60 connector to it.

Parting for $120 + $10 shipping.

Thanks for stopping by!

What do you mean insufficient? In terms of voltage or current?

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Current. The max recommended with a 4.12 is 30 Amp but I’m getting a 6564 motor with max amps 60

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With a 4.20 you mean ? For a 4.12, it’s 50A but it’s okay to push it to 60A

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Are you basing this off of @mmaner’s post on the Dual Flipsky 4.20? If so, I believe the new Plus version is supposed to fix that problem based on other users if you do a search.

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To be honest I never pushed it more than 20 apms motor max for my carvons. But based upon @mmaner review here,I never pushed it beyond 30 amps for fear of blowing it out.

Hey I never knew that. Thanks! But my motors specs are

  • Max. current: 60A

  • Max power: 2600W

  • Idle current: 1.2A

  • Resistance: 41MΩ

  • Shaft diameter: 8mm (d-shape)

  • Weight: 790g

  • Cell count: 8-12s Li-poly (Max. voltage)

  • Bolt holes spacing: 44mm

  • Bolt thread: M4

  • Connections (phase): 5.5mm gold plug

  • Connection (sensors): 6-pin JST connector compatible with VESC based ESCs

Even if it’s rated 50 amps, I wanna push it to 60 amps. Afraid that might push it to over the edge

Sure thing, I understand where you’re coming from. Just didn’t want you spending money where you didn’t need it, but it’s better safe than sorry.

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Just because your motor is rated at 60a max doesn’t mean you will blow the VESC up, just limit each side to 50a and your good to go assuming you have the Dual Plus version.


Ok Thanks @mmaner . But will I not be not utilizing the full potential of my motors?

I mean to be honest if 10 amps doesn’t make that much of a difference and I have to spend another $100 to get a FS6.6 then i wont really bother with it.

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Most people never see 60 motor amps, that typically only gets used when your going very fast up big hills. I’d try what you have 1st.


This is incorrect. Air has less resistance than that, and certainly the windings are made of metal and not air.

Hmm I don’t know what it means to be honest. Last night doing the tests on my CarvonExos the resistance from the VESC tool was 63MΩ. The specs are from @riverside.rider website

I would guess that’s supposed to be 63mΩ

1MΩ = 1000000000mΩ

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If you still end up looking to part with it, I’d be interested in buying it from you.

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just run 35 battery amps and 60 motor amps. twill be more than sufficient

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got photos?

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I got 10S5P 30Q. I was running 60 for battery max amps. Is that not OK?

Will post pics in an hour

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if that’s 30a per side then it’s fine. but if you’re running 60a battery amps per side that’s where overheating and issues will happen.