[SOLD] Selling my Kaly.nyc (Bay Area) [US]

Hello, selling my Kaly.nyc with Evolve nubby tires. I am located in Northern California, and would like local sale only. Bay area would be perfect. I will also be in So Cal this week.


I took a fall on the board a little while back and got scratched up. When that happened, the back right motor got banged up a little and something sounds a little loose, but it still rides good and launches fast. It should be an easy fix, but I have another still. 'll include a medium red TSG Pass as well and Free Board bindings and maybe a few extras.


I can take more pics if requested, thank you

Edit: Selling for $2000

There is no visible damage to any motors, it’s an inside thing but still rides amazing


At first I thought you are selling the domain. You might want to change the title a little to reflect what you are actually trying to sell.

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I thought Kaly was posting to sell his business, LOL

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+rep this guy is super cool, he let me try out his board and it’s amazing!

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Please no stone, taking out the “.nyc” part to avoid confusion

Haha same thoughts

How much?

As I posted in another Kaly board up for sale…

“Ernesto charges like $2,700 for his Trampa build. What would be a reasonable price? Keep in mind that this forum is full of people that could build this”

Post a price, update with picture of the mentioned dinged up motor/mount (and rough mileage)

Probably a loose or broken magnet or busted bearing?

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Located in the Bay Area. Very interested in your board. Pls let me know if Still available Thanks

Sorry I edited it in.


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Still available, edited post

Not sure, most likely

Edited in sorry

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I’m interested. When would you be available?

Available tomorrow or tonight

Great. How negotiable are you with a the price?

Board Still Available

Board is sold