** SOLD ** Selling new and never used "Enertion mono drive r-spec pro"

Hi, new and never used kit from Enertionboards - mono drive r-spec pro. Bought it in may 2016.

http://www.enertionboards.com/diy-electric-skateboard-kits/enertion-single-motor-mount-pro-kit/ The motor is different, probably because inventory updates or something at Enertion. Check picture below.

I live in Sweden, so I would preferably send it to someone around here. I live in Örebro, and sometimes I visit Stockholm. I could meet you in person if you can come to Örebro, and maybe send it to my mother which could meet you in Stockholm.

Pics: http://i.imgur.com/gPGfW73.jpg

I want 200 USD for it. If you live in Sweden I will pay for the shipping cost $0 Shipping cost to almost whole Europe (I’ve checked Scandinavia, France, Germany, Netherlands and etc) would be around $45 USD with tracking included. Shipping cost to US would be around $60-65 USD and no tracking and $80-85 USD with tracking.

If you are interested we can discuss it. (I’m selling this since I was unprepared for my moms 60 years birthday and I need to buy a Michael Kors bag for her, she deserves it more than I need this :slight_smile:)

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Is that a 50mm? or a 63mm? I can’t remember what they make.


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It’s the 6355 motor if that’s what you’re asking

Edit: sorry the link to enertion site is 6355 but that motor in the photo is 6374

Strange, I took the link from the order confirmation. http://i.imgur.com/8UiEY7v.png

I will update original post.

A friend of me would like to buy that kit but he get his next money at the end of September. We live in Germany.

Didn’t expect someone to sell something from my hometown! I’m interested but hadn’t planned on building a board at the moment so I’ll have to think it over a bit.

So tempting uhhh but the shipping cost to the US kinda kills it haha well best of luck mate :slight_smile:

I would pick it up but the small single 6355 is useless to me

I wrote you a pm.

Same here, PM sent

Since there was alot of confusion why Enertion link said 6355 and I the box said 6374 I took some new pictures. Don’t know if Enertion changed out their inventory.

See pictures here:

That’s definately a 6355 motor…

Aha, then they just used another box. Then the description on the website is correct then!