SOLD Shred lights, 10s Charger

Hey guys, getting rid of a few more things.

New Shred Lights, these are the waterproof ones. Never used. $25

10s Charger, aluminum housing with fan. New condition. Will also come with a bag of charging ports. $30

I’ll take the lights

Send me a pm with shipping address.

how many a is the charger

2a output. I prefer slower charging for battery life but wanted a better charger than the cheap plastic ones.

PMd 10char

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I also have two 10s packs I built for a 10s2p MTB. Used for one 3 mile ride and decided to build something else. Each pack is 5 2s 30c zippy flight max wired in series for a 10s 5ah pack. They were originally configured side by side for a flat wider pack but I rearranged them like this for a top mount configuration I never ended up doing. One pack is unwrapped to show how what it’s made of. Both packs are like new and in no way damaged. Only selling these because I am getting out of building ESK8. The benefit of these are very low voltage sag and much smaller and lighter than a comparable liion pack. Will sell them for $60 each or $110 together. If you know how much these cost to build you know this is less than half the price and they are already built!

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I think I will take one of the battery packs! How much for shipping to Riverside, CA?

Would it be fairly easy to unwrap it and put it in a flat configuration? I think I will also take the charger as well.

It would be super simple. It took about 15 minutes to change from flat to how it is now. Send me a pm with your shipping info.

Pm’d about the other Lipo pack.