Sold: Single 200mm Surfrodz RKP

Hi all,

I have a single

  • 45° Baseplate
  • 200mm Hangar
  • 70mm Lathed Axles
  • Surf Key

Looking to sell this in Lower Cont. 48 US ONLY The truck is basically brand new with a couple miles on it

A new set(pair) with surfkeys is $175 new, or (87.50 per truck), if you part together a single truck it comes out to $130~ without surf keys.

I’m offering a single truck, in basically new condition shipping included (see above restrictions) for $85


Me! 10 char

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Shoo me a PM broski. :wink:

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@Namasaki or @anorak234 sold please close. :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure this was the fastest sale of an item on the forum… (with exception of free items of course)