[SOLD] stuff for sale

Prices reflect cash; verified PayPal users please add 3%. Shipping at buyer’s expense is OK.

  • 2018 Landyachtz Evo Falcon: $99 - pending
  • 2012 Omen Kush: $99

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The Kush is the better board for esk8; the Falcon is one of the best push boards available today, anywhere.

All-new, 2018 Loaded Blood Slayer Unicorn, with new deadstock 2011 cast Ronins and the last undrilled MasterCho fiberglass enclosure - which fits the Unicorn literally, perfectly.


Originally intended to be my personal race deck for indoor; parts selected specifically for the type of turns on a kart track. Will include BNIB blue Orangatang Caguamas, so you can stick to the track. $599 - pending

Brand-new POC helmet, XL. Won this a while ago; brand-new. $149


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Ruroc RG1-DX Core, XL, with bluetooth module, $199 - worn one ride and then it sat in the boot of my last 911 for over a year buried underneath cables and whatever. Still have the box, goggles, etc. of course. Paid $500, priced at $199 because it’s actually used. Just the bluetooth module is $120: https://www.ruroc.com/en/all-accessories/543-shockwave.html - pending

The green and white Bilt pictured is size Large and is not for sale at all; it is free, to a forum member who needs a solid, full face. Please don’t post here; just send me a PM and I’ll mark it ‘sold’ when we find a good home for it. -pending :dark_sunglasses:

For racing:

IMG_0212 IMG_0213

These out-of-production Landyachtz Evos are 41" long; positively ideal to refinish with a layer of basalt for uphill racing (why I set these two aside). Pro tip: @treenutter sells a refinishing service that is second to none in all-esk8dom.

$150 each deck

The Restomod:

56317628602__FE2BDD1E-EAFA-4A2E-A953-90353C009BC1 56317652898__69C06BE8-4E4F-44C9-8A36-9387763CE1A2 56317898485__4E776864-9C07-4B60-8016-177F7584FFB7 IMG_0234

This is a brand-new, gen 1 Evolve Snubby; one of the first, if not the first production Evolve snub nose to meet US soil. Her brother was in Wired magazine; she’s been in one, winning race. Jeff Anning himself called the Gen 1 one of his favorites, ever. Powers on perfectly and we’ve kept it charged, however the remote isn’t connecting so please consider this board vintage, as-is.

The intent was to restomod this Evolve with yin/yang silver TorqueBoards 6380s and an Enertion Unity; buy another rear gen 1 hanger, move it up front and hire @marcmt88 to put Janux mounts on her with Boa 100 mm wheels.

To keep it real, I’ll include the parts, too: a NIB Enertion Unity + (2) TB 6380s (silver) - $1650 takes it

Will be adding things to this throughout the weekend. Thanks friends.


What’s the shipping like on the ruroc to the UK? I’m super interested

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@Bobby, take the falcon before I do!

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Is the falcon 39” or the 36” @KaramQ i kinda like the omens look a lil netter


I like the omens shape a lot

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This is the sexiest sale thread I’ve ever seen. That blood slayer… Bought a chubby unicorn back in 2012. Loves it. Such a beautiful deck. If I had real money right now I’d grab that so fast… You’re killing me here @topcloud.


idk! I can find out.

(I’m a much better buyer, than seller of esk8 lol)


@topcloud. Definitely interested in the blood slayer.

Just wait until you see @mmaner’s flytrap. You will shit yourself.

Also hit up that place about those things you may or may not be adding… you know the place…


I want that chow enclosure badly I have a small one and so wish I had bought a bigger one for my outlaw the small one fits nicely but to small it perfect for a outlaw those enclosure flex alot IMG_20190222_145334


Your not the only one, beat you to it in the pm

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been looking for this board, i actually want the omen chief but can’t find it anywhere. Whats the wheelsbase and the length of the platform on the kush please?


Did you sell the helmet ?

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The POC is still available

I purposefully listed the Ruroc super-low (I think I had it at $100 before a friend yelled at me)

The idea is for one of you to experience what safe helmet audio is like. We should never put anything in the ear that’s harder than your head when racing; I just know they’re going to find me on the road with an AirPod jutting out of my skull one day heh

it is a mic, too, so you can ask Google for directions, make calls - yet still hear traffic.

Sounds exactly what you would think a phone speaker in a padded helmet would sound like - these are not Beyerdynamic 1770s :slight_smile:

builder in SoCal in first, and if he passes, second in UK, third in FR

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That Ruroc! …but I already had so much shit anything else will be gluttony.

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Topcloud sent me my first full face free of charge, even laid for shipping!!! I still have that helmet but plan on paying it forward and giving it to someone else that needs a full face. Main reason is I just bought a sector 9 fullface on here and used it like 5 times… im the guy getting the ruroc btw lol. Ive been wanting one and this deal is too good to pass up.


If you’re at all interested in making me that lucky person lemme know :wink:

Full disclosure: I have a big ass head and won’t be finishing my board for ~30 to 50 days, but damn would a helmet be cool

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Is evo still for sale

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