[SOLD] Sunkko 788H battery pack spot welder for sale: $100

I have built many a pack on this machine, and it still works well. I needed something with a wand, so I upgraded and since i don’t need two of them, this one can be yours for $100 plus shipping.

It has been used a lot, but its well loved and in excellent working condition. It comes with the pedal of course and also a handful of extra tips o ordered a while back.

PM me if you’re interested.


BTW i can’t imagine this would cost more than $15 to ship anywhere in the US, so if it does, i’ll cover the extra.

It would be funny if it gets resold a few times making a pack and off to the next guy.


If that happens, i think everyone who has it should sign and date the side of it with a paint pen. It could totally happen, its a good beginner welder.

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Like the hitchhiking bot…


So when will there be time for ‘Open spotwelding workshops’ ? :smiley:

3d printers are becoming a common thing now… I wonder when spotwelders will :smiley:

the best spot welding worksop ever is the battery porn on evmadrid 's instagram. That guy inspired me to kick the commercial options to the curb and build my own packs.

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SOLD. To me. I decided to keep it.

Sorry for the late update.

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