SOLD! Surfrodz tkp 177mm with 80mm axle upgrade NEW US SALE

Hey everyone. I think it’s time to realize that I will not be using these trucks. Therefore it’s best to let someone else have them

Brand new never even installed 177mm surfrodz tkp with upgraded 10x80mm axles, new bearings and medium duro bushings Will sell the combo for $110 Again. Everything is new

SOLD!! lightly used single surfrodz RKP 176mm truck with 10x70mm axle, 45 degree baseplate and hard bushings $50 “no bearings included”

Used Abec 107s evolve f1 branded some cuts and chunks coming off the inner edge on some of the wheels $40 for the set

SOLD!! Carvon speed drives selling for parts $125 “no baseplate included”

Located in San Jose ca Will ship within the states only and Again buyer covers shipping image image image image image image


@ACIN, might want to buy the carvon

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Pls Take them off my hands. Lol

any idea whats wrong with the carvons?

Here is my original post. There is a video

alright thanks

Ill take the lightly used surfrod. Pm

Guess there wont be no more delays in finding a new home fo that baby…

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